About Christian

Christian began his career with a course in Hartland, Devon with David Charlesworth. The course opened his eyes to the challenges that lay in both design and craftsmanship, after finishing his course decided to seek out more challenges within the industry.

Subsequently Christian visited Robinson House Studio to study under Marc Fish for two years of intensive training. After finishing his two years and having developed his own style, he founded Christian Watson.

Christian’s diverse portfolio shows not only his ability to make, but his desire to be a multi-faceted designer. Each project has shown his tendencies to create striking pieces with a simple balance of function and materiality. This balance is seen in his varied usage of the traditional and contemporary elements within his simple yet sophisticated designs.

The Christian Watson studio is located in the heart of the Surrey countryside.

The Studio was set up with friend and maker Benjamin Rowland as a studio for their businesses to thrive, it is also a place for other small businesses and makers to begin their careers, allowing each business to use its extensive facilities and expertise to create a large designer maker community.

Both Christian and Ben are constantly trying to improve the studio with more space, machinery, new facilities and new faces to generate a thriving creative environment.

The 270 square meter studio includes a spray booth, laser cutter, designated design and office space, we well as a converted grain silo for storage. The studio has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible with its heating generated by the waste from the workshop.

For more information on colour options, specialist finishes, material choices or your free design consultation.

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