The Two Elements Collection


Using only two elements, one natural and one man-made, each piece is an example of Christian’s beautiful and understated style.

No. 04

The No.04 chair combines the striking bold lines of the frame with soft subtle curves of the seat making it a refined and graceful piece for any environment.


No.52, nicknamed the ‘London chair’ because of its combination of classic British design and its use of the iconic London Plane tree the No.52 is a sleek and sophisticated café chair.


No. 52

Each piece is hand made by Christian and his team and built to last, using the best materials available and the highest standards of craftsmanship.

No. 14

The No.14, which combines classic themes and contemporary elements is a simple and sophisticated armchair combining eye-catching Italian leather with a delicate frame.


The No.44 modular shelving unit was designed with simplicity in mind. Pared back to basics, No.44 allows the user to arrange the shelving in any position they like making it easy to stay organized.


No. 44

The Two Element Collection combines a new design philosophy with the same high-quality craftsmanship as standard at Christian Watson. Each piece merges traditional craft with contemporary style and manufacturing processes to create striking forms with subtle sophistication. The collection blends together one man-made element with one natural element.

The beliefs that no piece of furniture should be overcomplicated and that every project needs to be refined to its most simple purpose and form are central to Christian’s design process. Embodied in this collection is Christians desire to use British manufacturers and local business during production.

The collection is handmade to order and designed to suit any environment. Each piece can be tailored to the customer’s needs; from a range of plain and patterned luxury leathers, beautiful timbers and customisable frame colours, ensuring its personal to you.

For more information on colour options, specialist finishes, material choices or you free design consultation.

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