Introduction by Christian Watson

By: Christian Watson

Introduction by Christian Watson

By: Christian Watson

Our Mission

We want to be a hub of information for the creative community.

Our Values

To simply and clearly discuss everything that interests us and you; to truthfully inform and present information; and to open our knowledge base to all who want it.

What we are interested in

We plan to talk about as much as we can, about all things relevant to the creative industry, small businesses and anyone else interested in broadening their horizons. Our main topics will include: Design, all aspects of ‘making’, Art (in general) , Architecture and the environment which you can filter with, so you can delve into whatever you enjoy. We will interview people of interest, research new and exciting things, discuss great books and works of art, get opinions on architecture and inform on the environment we all live in.

About me and CWLTD

You can find more about me on the ‘About Page’ on my website, but here is a brief description. Christian Watson Limited is a fine contemporary furniture company set up by me, Christian Watson, after attending Robinson House Studio. Since then, we have released new collections and started new projects, and we’re only getting started. You can keep up to date with what we’re doing on Instagram, our website and here.

Readers contribution and our writers

All interviews and articles are written by me in collaboration with colleagues, selected artists, makers and people of interest. We are always keen to hear your opinion, your insight and your take on an article or subject, which is why we encourage all our readers to engage with us via email to voice their opinion, or to simply get in touch to write their own post. You can email your responses directly to me at or use our contact page via the website.

Why we do it

Writing a blog has always been something I have been interested in doing, and now I get the chance!! In my experience the creative community can sometimes withhold its information, and I’ve found that for young designers, artists or any creatives, it can be a hard and slow process to acquire information and to learn about new techniques, materials, projects, and much more, so consider this our little knowledge base.

I decided to call the blog ‘Make’ because of its significance to me and to those in all creative industries. Whatever your job role or title, the creative industry makes things, whether physical or not, it is creating something, here on the blog we hope can inspire you, and spur you on to new projects, new insights and start creating in a whole new way, by being given the information to do so.

If you’re anything like me, you love to know what’s going on and what other creatives are doing, regardless of industry, it’s still fascinating learning what is going on in all areas, looking for inspiration or for just plain fun. From why they’re doing it, what it is they’re doing, how and where. I have to admit, I will never get tired of watching glass blowing videos!

I must add, that it is a friend and colleague who inspired me to finally get the blog up and running. It was, and is, his endless ability to be free with his knowledge and opinion, his constant strives to try everything creative, to constantly learn and to share this information without inhibition. I am sure he will appear many times over the course of this blog, and we are all greater for it. Thank you, Kris Lamba.

Disclaimer: This blog is a non-profit educational facility for a worldwide community. All images are taken under the Education Fair Use title. All images used are sourced by us for use in educating and informing our audience to the best of our ability. If any persons or agencies find us in fault and would like us to stop using their image/s please contact us directly and we will remove the image indefinitely without issue.