No. 52




No.52, nicknamed the ‘London chair’ because of its combination of classic British design and its use of the iconic London Plane tree the No.52 is a sleek and sophisticated café chair.

A striking example of subtle sophistication, the No.52 serves many functions within the home. It can be a casual or formal chair, sitting perfectly under a kitchen or dining table as well as under a desk in a home office.

The No.52 with its bold, clean lines and subtle curves looks great either on its own or in a set.

Created as part of the two element collection the No.52 can be tailored to your needs, from metal finish to timber selection. This versatility gives it the ability to fit into any environment.

No.52 is handmade to order by Christian and available in over 15 colours, raw steel and specialist finishes such as patina finishes and polished silver.


Wood options

The seat is available in solid London Plane, British Ash, Oak, Walnut, Cork and Birch Ply as standard, with the option of requesting a bespoke timber or material of choice.

More about London Plane

The London Plane (Platanus x hispanica) with its beautiful figured grain is the most populous tree in London and has become a symbol for the city by lining its streets since the 17th century. Together with British materials and London craft and design, No. 52 can be a symbol too.

More about British Ash

We’re very proud to say that all of our Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior) is homegrown here in the U.K, each board has an individual tag so we can trace the provenance to make sure we support our growing timber industry.

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