No. 04




The No.04 chair combines the striking bold lines of the frame with soft subtle curves of the seat making it a refined and graceful piece for any environment.

Suitable as an eye-catching piece in a contemporary home or a great addition to any office space.

The seat is made by hand by Christian from sustainable Portuguese cork using a unique technique to ensure its durability. The seat is finished in soft matte lacquer to ensure ease of care as well as add a smooth and supple texture.

The steel frame can be coated in a range of colours including polished silver and black patina. The finish is smooth and pairs perfectly with the lacquered cork surface.

No.04 is handmade to order by Christian and available in over 15 colours, raw steel and specialist finishes such as patina finishes and polished silver.


More about Cork

We’re very proud to say that all our cork is harvested by hand in Portugal. The cork is harvested without harming the trees ensuring future use with each ton of natural cork fixing around 1.8t of CO2 whilst our suppliers’ factory is 46% powered by renewable sources proving their commitment to the environment and the future of the industry.

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