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George Nakashima

Who is George Nakashima? Early Life.  Considered one of the greatest innovators of 20th century furniture design, and the father of the American craft movement, today we’re going to be delving into his life in some detail to give you […]

Bruno Munari

So were going to do something a little different with this article. It is my opinion that Bruno Munari is one of the greatest designers and design thinkers of all time. And so I would like to spend most of […]

Discover a Designer: Charlotte Perriand

The Early Years // 1903- 1927 The life of Charlotte Perriand began in Paris on the 24th of October in 1903. Born to a Tailor and Seamstress she grew up in a world of fabric and fashion sketches. Her aptitude […]

10 Gifts for Designers

It’s getting later and later now and I am confident there are many of you needing little things for stocking fillers or bigger presents for the designer relative, friend, colleague or partner. So, here are few things ranging in price […]

Raymond Loewy – In Brief

Introduction I n a 1958 collection of celebrity recipes, Raymond Loewy was described as “perhaps the world’s most renowned designer… “ “Mr. Loewy spends six months yearly in New York designing everything from airplanes to household appliances. The other six […]

Colour – The Basics

How we see colour S o, the perception of colour takes place in our mind. This is something that needs to be said early! Waves of light are received in the little lens in our eye and sent to the […]

Iconic Icons

I n 1961, Herbert Spencer wrote two articles complaining about the state and shortcomings of non-motorway British road signs. It was clear that with the constant rise in traffic on the roads, as well as the rise in speed from […]

Design consistency

Let’s just jump in. P erhaps the first things that comes to mind are words like regular, dependable, stable and reliable. All good things when talking about cars, a bridge, or even perhaps a friend or family member. Maybe your […]

Living Walls

L et’s talk about green walls. Well, living walls. Most of which are green. Living walls are starting to pop up in cities all over the globe, which is great news with recent findings proving the detrimental effects pollution in […]

La Sagrada Familia

B arcelona’s most famous cathedral is by far the La Sagrada Familia by Anthony Gaudi. It is now so popular it has developed a thriving tourist trade with restaurants, bars and guides to cater for everyone. Every year over 3 […]

Qwerty vs Dvorak

T he QWERTY keyboard was developed by Wisconsin’s own Christopher Latham Sholes in 1870 . Sholes was a newspaper editor and printer who with his friends developed the keyboard for a typewriter they were making.     The typewriter had […]

The Design Responsibility

W hen Papanek discussed a designer’s social and moral responsibilities in his book “design for the real world” he stated that: “not a single volume on the responsibility of the designer, no book on design that considers the public in […]

Kill free meat

I magine a future where instead of the supermarket, you get your lunchtime chicken sandwich from a new type of store. A store that hasn’t bought their meat products but have grown them in an ‘in house’ bioreactor. Imagine a […]

An unnatural disconnection

F ossil fuels, single-use plastics, food waste and deforestation are the usual suspects when discussing climate change. However, we frequently overlook a fundamental and devastating contributor to our environmental mess – Urbanites. “One of the greatest causes of the ecological […]

The future of 3D printing in the toy industry

  T he possibilities of 3D printing are endless. It is a technology that finds new applications on a daily basis. It is considered to be the next greatest chapter in the industrial revolution. Perhaps, your industrial revolution. 3D printers have […]

Design Principles – Prototyping

Introduction   P rototyping is one of the most important and key design techniques used in all areas of design. It is often the first and last step in the creation of projects. Ranging from models, mock-ups or maquette’s, to […]

Design Principles – Ockham’s Razor

What is Ockham’s Razor?   O ckham’s Razor, also known as lex parsimoniae, “the law of briefness”, is the law and principle of simplicity attributed to the Franciscan friar William of Ockham (1285-1327). Ockham studied theology and philosophy at the […]

Polykleitos’ Kanon

Introduction   S culpting in Greece in the 5th Century BCE, Polykleitos is considered one of the most important sculptors of the classical world. Although perhaps not a household name, the impact that his work has had on the art […]

Sir Terence Conran

“Good design is probably 98% common sense. Above all, an object must function well and efficiently-and getting that part right requires a good deal of time and attention.” ~ Terence Conran   Him in Brief   S ir Terence Conran, […]

Picasso and Cubism in brief

Introduction   I t was the turn of the century, and the modern era was ushered in emphatically, with no better example than the steam engine. The early 19th century was the beginning of a new world – industrialisation was […]

Deforestation in Britain

Introduction   I n pre-Neolithic times, the UK landscape was dominated by tree cover. This may have been as closed forest or as more open wooded landscapes; however, this declined through a combination of human and climatic factors. By the […]

Augmentation of Artificial Intelligence in Design

  For the past 2.5 million years we have been using passive tools. These, along with our hands led us to achieve what we are as a species today. However for the first time, we’re building generative tools and working […]

Design Principles – Fibonacci

Let’s start at the beginning. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597…… okay that’s as far as my brain will carry me. S imply, one plus one is two, one […]

Materials – The Cork Oak

An Introduction   C ork has been used as a material for thousands of years – from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, to the present day. Having only stumbled into using it ourselves as the seat for the No.04 chair […]

Introduction by Christian Watson

Our Mission We want to be a hub of information for the creative community. Our Values To simply and clearly discuss everything that interests us and you; to truthfully inform and present information; and to open our knowledge base to […]