Private Commissions

Commissioning a piece of furniture can be an incredibly exciting journey from beginning to end. Whatever the commission may be, the process at Christian Watson has been refined to give you the utmost comfort throughout. Regardless of the project at hand, it will be given every attention to detail without compromise, so that we can supply you with your perfect piece.

It begins with our first design meeting. Here we discuss your requirements, your likes and dislikes, tastes and styles and begin to look through the extensive materials library at our disposal. We look back on similar commissions of ours, and to other pieces that may have inspired you. We have a close look at the space in which your piece will be situated and carefully consider the approach to the form and function of the piece within that space. Choosing a budget for your commission can be difficult, and of course we will help you in terms of providing an estimate for the project cost, but we will look to advice from you to find the overall pricing of the project. This helps us design pieces appropriately tailored to your needs.

The second meeting is the first time you will see the designs that have been produced specifically for your project. You are presented with a few options of directions to go in with materials and drawings tailored to the project. Once all parties are agreed on the design, a technical drawing will be produced as well as all necessary information to get started, such as timescale and price. When a deposit has been received for the project, work can begin on your piece. The aim is to make you as involved in the process as you wish. Clients can have regular updates on the progress of the piece as well as detailed pictures showing the processes we are going through. We are always glad to show clients the workshop and have them come and see the progress for themselves.

Payment is taken in three parts, the first on agreement of the design, timescale and cost of the project. The second is taken on the mid-point of the projected timescale of the project and, if desired, a third meeting can take place where the client can be presented with pictures of the project and any queries or concerns can be addressed during the making process. This is at the client’s discretion, as we can guarantee the quality of the craftsmanship throughout the process. The third and final payment is due on completion, once received the piece can be delivered and installed.

For commissions being shipped abroad, we can provide quotations for timescale and delivery if required. All items are available for shipping and we welcome the opportunity to work with clients overseas.