The ultimate simplicity
leads to purity

At Christian Watson, we design and make furniture of all descriptions. We work with private clients on unique commissions all over the world. We also produce runs of unique limited edition pieces available on request.

Creating and making furniture is our passion, and it can be seen in the quality of our work. Every piece is made with the highest craftsmanship and design standards.

Our work to date has been heavily influenced by the broad range of materials and techniques at our disposal. We are always looking to push for more exciting uses of materials in our work and are always keen to diversify our portfolio with new challenges and exciting projects.

About Christian

Christian began his career with a three-month course in Hartland, Devon with David Charlesworth. The course opened his eyes to the challenges that lay in both design and craftsmanship, and after finishing his course decided to seek out more challenges within the industry.

Subsequently Christian visited Robinson House Studio to study under Marc Fish for two years of intensive training. After finishing his two years and learning a great deal about his own style and the industry itself, he founded Christian Watson.

Christian’s diverse portfolio shows not only his ability to make, but his desire to be a multi-faceted designer. Each project has shown his tendencies to create visually stunning pieces with a greatly considered balance. This balance is seen in his varied usage of the traditional and contemporary elements within his simple yet sophisticated and understated designs.


London Design Fair
September 20-23 2018 / More info